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January 26 2013


I love artie lange

jewellery, fashion, style, art They all feature hallmarks of your designs - sensuous draping and intricate knots. Being small and debt-free helps keep your head above the water. Don't be into trends. Anklets, known the world over for their intricate carvings and embellishments, are popular with women of all ages, while the traditional armlet is now looked upon as trendy and sported by those looking to make a fashion statement. However, the ultimate decision is taken by our hearts. The key is being yourself. How was she like as a person? I design for a particular type of woman. For instance, the ones studded with precious and semi-precious stones are especially popular for the religious and spiritual value attached to the stones. That ways, the art gets promoted and craftsmen are benefitted. art van. Be brave and work hard to achieve your dreams and try to find solutions to any obstacle or hindrance that might present itself. Above all, it makes you smile. When we have to design for the western market, we keep global aesthetics in mind. It did really well and the rest is history. The fact that these exquisite pieces of jewellry are creative, while still retaining their ethnic and exotic identity is making them a hot favorite for people in various parts of the world. came into play as jewellery attempted to reclaim a connection with traditional beauty and historical lifestyle imagery. Thus we cannot declare that the jewelry that we designed has any notion of poetry. It is true that exploitation of this class exists, more so in rural areas, but one should make a conscious effort to remain fair and just. But it was not till 1996 that he made a step that changed his life and career forever. jewellery, fashion, style, art Cascaden utilises white gold tassels gathered at one end into a white gold-and-diamond knot. Navratna jewellry or jewellry that uses nine stones, considered to be auspicious, in a single ornament is also extremely popular because of the belief that the nine stones will protect the wearer from evil and ensure his well-being. He continuously impresses many with this fashion visions and garnered respect and unconditional support from his army of followers worldwide. Care to describe each theme with our readers? That is why my designs are floaty, feminine, goddess like. She is not the girly sort. The ornaments are made from a wide range of materials ranging from natural materials such as wood, horn, ivory and stones, to precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.

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