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February 19 2013


I love fashion blogs

jewellery, fashion, style, art

That is why my designs are floaty, feminine, goddess like. Define quirky and surreal in your own terms. He was born to rock the runway. I am always fascinated and inspired by my surroundings and translate it to my work. Jewels of this era were very bold and lavish, with large, chunky bracelets or charm bracelets, and pieces utilising rhinestones, jade, opal, topaz and citrine.

The key is being yourself. I tend to be very private and my trusted circle are small but it's all about the quality of friendship. It has to give the viewer an unusual feeling. He was born to rock the runway. We were just making stuff as a past time when a friend invited us to make a collection for his shop. jewellery exchange. You seem to like sexy, glittering, swirling dresses.

Jewellry making has become an art that has been passed down from generation to generation, and is constantly improving itself, constantly reinventing itself and constantly adapting to the changing times. Precious jewellery that have been works of art have always been a part of our culture but what we now call handmade jewellery has been a part of the fashion scene for around 80 years and now every woman owns a piece be it a pair of earrings, necklace jewellery or a bangle. After 1960, it is a little more difficult to define the overall direction of fashion jewellery. It did really well and the rest is history. It can be fun, it can be stylish and elegant and it can be an enjoyable piece of art that can be worn and enjoyed both with the wearer and those who see it worn. Home is where the heart is after all. Home is where the heart is after all. In this way, it became feasible for women to follow trends in jewellery without spending fortunes, and it thus opened up a whole new avenue of artistic freedom in jewellery-making and design.

jewellery, fashion, style, art

Also, there is no bigger compliment than feeling satisfied by ones own designs!" they speak diplomatically in tandem. But it was not till 1996 that he made a step that changed his life and career forever. It's not of paramount importance to dissect this notion. He was born to rock the runway. Earrings from simple stud designs to long chandeliers, necklace jewellery that has short funky chokers, or long strings of bright coloured glass beads, bracelets, that have been carved from wood of chain bracelets dripping in charms. We were just making stuff as a past time when a friend invited us to make a collection for his shop. Being small and debt-free helps keep your head above the water.

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